5 Common Roof Problems

//5 Common Roof Problems

Your roof stands between you and nature’s elements. Keeping it in good condition is essential to keeping you and your family safe and dry. If you have any of the following problems with your roof, it’s important that you get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Leaks & Humidity Problems

Midwest roofs take a beating. They face rainstorms, hail, wind, snow, and ice. As time goes on shingles wear down, can curl up and even get blown away. That can lead to water penetrating the roof and creating moisture problems. That, in turn, can lead to rotting materials, mold and structural issues.

Bowed Shingles

When your shingles start to bow, this is a sign that there is something significantly wrong with your roof. Water may be pooling under the shingles causing them to raise. Or, they may have been improperly installed, and you need professional roofing assistance to alleviate the problem.

Weather Wear

As your shingles start to wear from the elements, you may see signs that they are not protecting your home as they should. Large runoffs of granules are a sign that your shingles need replacement and are beyond their useful life. Heat can also damage your shingles and cause them to curl. This is a sign that your shingles have aged and are in need or replacement.

Do You Have Missing Shingles?

Missing shingles can certainly let water into your home. Shingles that have blown away or fallen off must be repaired quickly. Not only is this unsightly to your home, but it leaves your home exposed to the elements, and a larger problem with moisture can start to develop.

Holes And Gaps

During storms, punctures to your roof can occur. These holes and gaps are prime sources for water to get in and create damage. Often times these holes and gaps are not noticeable from afar and are only recognized when they start to create a problem for you as a homeowner.

Having roof inspection on a regular basis can ensure your roofing is properly maintained at all times. It can identify these common roofing problems as well as any other repairs you may need. Contact Dynico. Call us at (815) 385-2102 to schedule a roof inspection. We serve all of McHenry and Lake County, Ill.

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