Always Use Local Roofing Companies

//Always Use Local Roofing Companies

After being hit by a storm, a damaged roof can’t be left unrepaired. However, dubious roofers come out in the aftermath of stormy weather, and people all over the nation fall victim to a fly by night company.

Who Are Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are friendly individuals who show up uninvited right after a storm and make big promises about repairing your roof and helping you claim insurance coverage.

These companies are always following the trails of recent storms and never stay too long in the same town. They thrive on underhanded tactics and prey on unsuspecting people.

While the idea of a timely roof repair may be tempting, the service provided is often rushed and eventually leads to new roof problems. Sometimes the chasers will take the money and disappear before doing anything. Their salesmen are trained to present themselves as locals, overcome typical objections and offer giveaways (gutter covers, shingle upgrades or gifts) to sweeten the deal. They are also known for borrowed business names and high turnover rates.


You don’t want to do business with companies that rely on secretive sales practices rather than the quality of service, so you need to be able to identify a storm chaser when he knocks on your door.

  • Warning Signs of a Storm Chaser
  • They come to you unsolicited. After an area is hit by a storm, legit roofing contractors usually wait for clients to call them and don’t need to engage in aggressive prospection.
  • They introduce themselves as “insurance claim specialists,” rather than experts in roof repair.
  • Storm Chasers offer to cover the deductible. No one other than you should pay for insurance deductible. What the chaser offers is illegal in many states.
  • They create or add damage. A roof scammer will often use hammers and other tools to aggravate the roof damage and ensure insurance coverage. This practice can result in criminal and civil penalties. This is why you should oversee all inspections.
  • Sometimes they ask for payment upfront and in cash. Contractors working on roofs damaged by storms will be paid by your insurance company. Never give them money and don’t disclose your coverage information.


If a roofer displays one or many of these signs, you are probably dealing with a storm chaser. You should decline their offer and ask them to leave.

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