Asphalt Rock In The Gutters?

//Asphalt Rock In The Gutters?

Owning a home means you’re always on the watch for little problems before they become a major repair. If you’ve found roofing granules in your gutters, you might be asking yourself: what is causing this build up? Initially, you might think your shingles need to be replaced. But is that correct?

Asphalt Shingles Explained
An asphalt shingle is made of a mat core and is layered with asphalt. The topmost layer is comprised of pulverized rock and minerals. This is more than physical barrier it also protects against ultraviolet rays. There are two different types of shingles. Organic mat-core shingles or fiberglass mat-core shingles.

Do I Need My Shingles Replaced?
Maybe. The textured granules will come loose over time with exposure to the elements. Wind, hail, rain, and snow can all cause your shingle rock to fall into your gutter system. In fact, washing a brand new roof with a garden hose would cause a fist full of loose material to fall into the gutters. So if you’re seeing a buildup of material, don’t panic.

However, if your shingles are warped, older or losing large amounts of asphalt rock then it’s worth an inspection. If any of the shingles appear to be balding, then those shingles will need to be replaced. The textured surface provides a layer of protection from not only the elements but the sun’s ray’s as well. Any balding and exposed shingles will quickly deteriorate.

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