Attic Condensation Problems

//Attic Condensation Problems

Every year, when winter rolls into Chicago, we get a number of calls about roof leaks. What we’ve found over the years is that most of the time this is a condensation problem and not actually a leak. It can appear as frost in the attic and sometimes icicles can form. There are three main factors that contribute to condensation problems in the home’s attic.

Improper or poor ventilation. If your attic isn’t breathing properly, moisture gets trapped. Excessive moisture build will soak into the drywall and appear as a roof leak to the homeowner.

Bad Attic Insulation. Proper insulation keeps the warm air inside your home from escaping to your cold attic space. If warm air is reaching the colder attic air, the temperature difference can cause water vapor to condense. A properly insulated attic will prevent this from happening.

Whole house humidifiers and other factors. These products increase the moisture levels throughout the entire house. Unlikely sources like steam from a shower can also cause problems if the attic isn’t properly ventilated. Once humid air becomes trapped in the attic it can build up as frost an appears to be a roof leak.

The continual build-up of condensation and water can accelerate roof decay. This is especially true with the midwest’s wild temperature swings.

If you’re experiencing a condensation problem, don’t let it go. Call us at (815) 385-2102 to schedule a roof inspection. We service all of McHenry and Lake County Illinois.

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