Clogged Gutters Or A Leaking Roof?

//Clogged Gutters Or A Leaking Roof?

Did you know that clogged gutters can make your roof appear to have a leak? Dynico Roofing has gotten many calls where a homeowner thinks their roof is leaking, but it’s actually just clogged gutters. If your gutters go uncleaned water can form a leak behind them, and into your home. If the clog is not fixed, it will cause the paint on the soffit and fascia to peel away and the wood will start to rot.

Check Your Gutter During A Storm
An excellent time to check the gutters is during a rainstorm. If water is overflowing, draining slowly or any of the gutters are dragging its time to clean them. This is one of those tasks that should be done by the Fall so that the water will drain properly all winter long.

Water that floods into your basement through a window is not usually covered by insurance claims. Clogged gutters have been known to cause overflows of water to drain into a finished basement through the windows.

Protect your investment.
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