Don’t Get Taken By This Roofing Scam

//Don’t Get Taken By This Roofing Scam

Dynico Roofing loves an educated homeowner. We’re confident in our products, service, and ability to assist you. That’s why we are going to take a look at a roofing scam that is typically performed by the “storm chasing” roofing companies.

Installing a brand new roof is not an easy task. It takes several days, makes a big mess and requires skilled laborers. If a roofing company is promising a new roof in a short amount of time with no fuss and no mess during the teardown and build, then watch out.

The Roof Recover
You pull out of your driveway, go to work and come home to a brand new roof. No hassles, no mess and no lingering workers on the roof. It all sounds great on the surface, so whats the problem?

You’ve probably just been hit by the roof recover scam. Storm chasers are known for installing new roofs on top of the old ones. It likely that the roofers just laid shingles on top of the old, replaced the drip edge for a clean, new look and moved on.

Roofers are always supposed to tear off the old roof, install new underlayment and then install the new roof. This process gives you the best results over time. Covering an old roof will make it age faster, cause heat cracks and is more susceptible to wind and hail damage. Additionally, tearing off the old roof allows you to inspect the wood deck.

Storm chasers do roof recovers because it maximizes profits. The more roofs they can complete, the more money they make. We’ve even seen them remove the first few rows of shingles to stop the stacking or mounding effect. This gives the roof the appearance of being done correctly from the ground view.

If a roofer is promising the world in a day, you are probably dealing with a storm chaser. You should decline their offer and ask them to leave.

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