Roof Inspection Tips

//Roof Inspection Tips

When it comes to home maintenance, a lot of people forget to check the roof. But, keeping your roof in good shape and doing routine roof inspections are a part of your home’s maintenance schedule. Catching problems beforehand is the key to saving time and money down the road. A leaking roof is the second most common cause of water damage in the home. You should have a roof inspection at least once a year, twice a year if living next to trees that drop leaves and pine needles.


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If you don’t like climbing up on a ladder or need assistance with your roof, then give us a call at (815) 385-2102 to schedule a roof inspection. We serve McHenry and Lake County Illinois.


If you’re going to do the inspection your self, here is a checklist of items to look for when inspecting the roof.

  1. Start out on the ground level. Walk around the property and look for any signs of damage, sagging or discoloration.
  2. Once on the roof look for signs of moss, algae, anything green, moldy or covered in plant material.
  3. Curled and buckled shingles are a sign of hot air from the attic escaping through the roof. It increases the chances of damaging your roof and is a sign of poor ventilation.
  4. Look for clogged gutters and check roof overhangs. Maintain your downspouts and look for signs of rot.
  5. Get a close look at the texture of your shingles. If they are smooth, discolored or aging, it’s time to replace them.
  6. Make sure you check the counter flashing while on the roof. It’s a metal, waterproof strip installed in spots that need additional moisture protection. Look for signs of shrinkage and damage while inspecting.
  7.  If you have an attic, make sure you check it for signs of water damage and penetration from the roof.


If you’ve found damage during the inspection. Call (815) 385-2102 to schedule service. We serve McHenry and Lake County Illinois.

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