Are Your Shingles Curling?

//Are Your Shingles Curling?

Keeping Your Shingles Flat And In Shape

Are your shingles curling up after a new roof installation?  Keeping shingles flat and in place requires some skill and dedication. Your roofer needs to use the right nails as well as the right placement to ensure you get the longevity you were promised out of your roof. If you’ve just had a roof installed and the shingles are curling, here is what to look out for.

Watch For Overdriven Nails

A common mistake that many roofers make is to overdrive the nail into the shingle. They may not have the proper experience with installing shingles correctly and can easily make this mistake. Overdriving a nail creates a hole in the surface of the shingle and allows moisture to get under it. This defeats the purpose of the shingle and prevents it from protecting your home as it should. Nails should be flush with the shingle and not dig into it in any way.

Look For Incorrect Nail Location

Another error that is commonly made is to place the nails in the wrong location. Many times, nails are driven into the high side of shingle. This prevents the shingle from laying flat and can cause curling down the road. Your roofer should know that nails need to be placed low enough to catch the top of the shingle it is overlapping. This provides an extra layer of adherence to your roof and allows your shingles to fit seamlessly.

Check For Proper Nail Size

The type of roofing material you are having installed dictates the type of nail that your roofer should use. Roofing nails are available in a range of lengths and gauges, allowing your roofer to match the right size to the job. No matter what size nail your roofer uses, it should be resistant to corrosion and made of aluminum, copper or stainless steel. It should also measure at least 2.67 mm and be 12 gauges in diameter. This will ensure it can hold the shingle in place as the roofer installs it on your home.

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Be sure to keep a watchful eye out for these roofing issues to make sure your roofing contractor is installing your new roof properly. It will eliminate problems in the future and make sure your shingles lay flat. To have roofing installation, repair or maintenance, contact Dynico. Call us at (815) 385-2102 to schedule a roof inspection. We serve all of McHenry and Lake County, Ill.

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