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At Dynico Roofing we know how vital your roof is to your home. Putting a roof over your head is the most important task that a home does. Our expert roofers are skilled and knowledgeable roofing professionals that are there for you in an emergency roofing situation or for day-to-day maintenance. Have you had your roof inspected lately? If not, then give our bonded and insured roofers a call at 815 – 385 – 2102 to schedule a thorough and detailed roof inspection.

Experts in Emergency Roofing

for Harvard, IL

Our skilled tradesmen have generations of experience to draw upon when dealing with emergency roofing situations. It is no secret that the Midwest is a haven for Mother Nature’s worst. We are a beacon for hailstorms, windstorms and ever other type of storm imaginable. These storms can cause massive damage to not only your roof, but your siding and gutters as well. When Mother Nature strikes, call in the emergency roofing professionals from Dynico Roofing. We can install a temporary roof repair while we assist you with a claim to your insurance. We will walk you through the entire process and be with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the necessary roof repairs or a new roof if one is needed.

Financing Options

for Every Roof

It is important that every family has access to a new roof or roof repair when they need it. That is why we went searching for a financial institution that would help our customers in their greatest times of need. When you need a new roof or roof repair, we can offer you a variety of financing options. It takes less than five minutes for approval, requires no paperwork and very little information from you. Before you have finished picking out the color of your shingles, you can be set up with a plan such as our 18 months, zero interest plan, with NO monthly payments – same as cash or one of many others. To see the full options for financing, check out our Special Offers page.

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