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At Dynico we know and understand that the most important job that your home does is to put a roof over your head. Our professional, bonded and licensed roofing experts are there to help you with your day-to-day maintenance or in any type of emergency situation. Have you had your roof inspected lately? If not, then give our professional Johnsburg, IL roofers a call at 815 – 385 – 2102 to have them complete a thorough and detailed inspection.

Emergency Johnsburg, IL Roofers

There for You

When Mother Nature strikes, you never know what tricks she may have up her sleeves. In Johnsburg, IL we are prone to hailstorms, intense windstorms, seasonal temperature varieties and so much more. These situations can create major problems for your roof, or reveal already existing problems that are now creating a pool in your living room. In an emergency situation, give our expert emergency roofers a call. We will work with your insurance agency and help to guide you through the entire process. We can also offer temporary roof repairs while you are waiting for final approval from your insurance. When you need a new roof or emergency roof repair, your local Dynico roofing experts are there.

Financing Options

So You Never Have to Wait

At Dynico Roofing we wanted to ensure that everyone had access to a new roof or roof repairs when they needed it. So we decided to partner with financial institutions to offer you financing options such as our 18 months, zero interest plan, with NO monthly payments – same as cash. This plan, along with several others takes less than five minutes for approval and can be completed before you have finished choosing a shingle color! Contact the professionals at Dynico Roofing for more information, or check out our Special Offers page for a complete list of financing options.

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