Take Control Of A Leak

//Take Control Of A Leak

Few things in life compare to the frustration of springing a leak in the roof. Life is unpredictable, and when water is pouring in, it’s never a good time. Here are a few things you can do to improve the situation until help arrives.

Step 1: Take Control Of The Leak

With a little effort, you can take control of the leak and stop it from spreading. As water spreads, it looks for the path of least resistance.
This is usually through a drywall seam or register grate. You need to locate the leak and cut an opening for the water to flow freely. Giving the water an unobstructed path to flow prevents further damage to your house until a roofing contractor can arrive. Use buckets and towels to collect the water in the meantime.

Step 2: Use A Temporary Patch

To stop the leak, you need to identify the source of the problem. Look in your attic to locate the area where the water is getting in. It can be temporarily patched by using tape, tar, or cement. Apply it liberally as a temporary patch to stop the water flow. You will also need to go on your roof and apply cement or tar to the spot that is giving you trouble. Reinforce the area with a shingle or piece of plywood. This should stop the water from entering your home until you can have it properly repaired.

Step 3: Tarp It Off

Another solution to patching the water problem is to use a tarp to add a layer of protection to your roof. Simply spread a large tarp over the damaged area and weight it down so it will not budge in the wind. This is a quick and easy solution to repairing a leaking roof until you can have it properly inspected by a roofing company.

Following these steps when you have a water leak can ensure your home doesn’t sustain more damage than is necessary until you can get the help you need to fix the issue. When you are in need of repairs on your roof, contact Dynico. Call us at (815) 385-2102 to schedule a roof inspection. We serve all of McHenry and Lake County, Ill.

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