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Residential Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Dynico Roofing are experts at Steep Slope residential roof replacements throughout Northern Illinois & SE Wisconsin.


Commercial Roofing

Dynico Roofing are experts in commercial roofing and are certified commercial roofing contractors.

roof repair

Roof Repair

Dynico Roofing has the highest rated and trained roofing repair service division in Northern Illinois & SE Wisconsin.



Siding is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of a home's exterior and add curb appeal.



With energy costs increasing, insulation becomes more important to home owners with each season.

Gutters & Downspouts

Drainage for your home is of most importance. We will assist you in repair, replacing or installing new gutters for your home.

Soffit & Fascia

If the soffit or fascia were to develop rot or show other signs of damage, it’s important that you call Dynico Roofig Today!



Proper ventilation prevents air pollutants from affecting the health of you and your family and creates more comfort.

Premier Residential Roofing Company In Northern Illinois

Dynico Roofing has been in business for 20 years and we have serviced thousands of roofs throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

At Dynico Roofing we understand how incredibly important your roof is to your home and our skilled roofing professionals are here to help you in an emergency situation and for the maintenance that every roof needs.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, our licensed and bonded roofing professionals will come to your home to offer a thorough and detailed inspection. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home, and your family – stay safe.

Do You Have A Home Exterior Project We Can Help With?

Making Sure You Have Roof Inspections

Hail and wind happens in Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin and damage is not typically visible from the ground. Leaks do not always show immediately. If you are not sure what condition your roof is in, contact an expert today.


We do not use drones, we physically get on the roof and thoroughly inspect it for hail and wind damage. Our inspection includes the entire property, roof, windows, gutters, siding, fence and aything else that may have been damaged on the property.


After we have identified any and all damage from the storm, we will then chalk the damage, take pictures and document the hail or wind damage for you and your insurance provider. We take hundreds of pictures throughout the entire process from start to finish.


For over 20 years we used our expertise to assist home owners in the Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin area with their insurance claims. We use the latest technology to pinpoint the storm date for you to provide to your insurance carrier as we walk you through the claims process.


We will be working hand in hand with your carrier throughout the process to insure any extra work that needs to be done is paid for. (This is very important) Once all this is in agreement will guide you to the best roof, siding, and gutter materials for your home.

Customer Reviews


Dynico Roofing was founded by professionals to honor and protect the roofing trade. Many of these professionals were once apprentices and have worked in the industry for over 30 years, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of roofing.

Our skilled tradesmen have taken multiple courses on the subject of roofing, to maintain their knowledge and skills and to stay up to date with current trends and technology in the roofing industry.

Roof Installation Service
Based on 30 reviews
James Nierman
James Nierman
June 21, 2021.
Had a roof leak by the chimney and Dynico was always recommended so I gave them a call. They fixed the leak quickly and for much less than I was figuring. Like many of their customers, I highly recommend them.
raeesa mahmood
raeesa mahmood
June 14, 2021.
Corky was very thorough on explaining the process. Was patient witg us while we made our decision on the best color. Answered any and all questions we had. Ron and his team did a great job. Ron kept me informed of any issues or concerns, included me in all decisions before executing. Everyone was very nice, efficient and the roof looks amazing! We are very happy!
Timothy Butler
Timothy Butler
June 3, 2021.
We had our 30 year-old roof replaced. We chose Dynico based on a neighbors recommendation. Very professional and responsive. Ron, the foreman, listened to our needs of removing the old satellite dishes as well as the un-used water heater vent (we now use a tank less water heater and the old vent was an eye-sore). The Dynico team went above and beyond, even making some improvements to the flashing which the original contractor screwed up on. Here’s hoping it’s another 30 years before we need another roof. But we would use Dynico again.
Ralph Schanau
Ralph Schanau
May 28, 2021.
We recently had Dynico complete a new roof and gutter system for our home. The team did an impeccable job. They worked very efficiently doing the tear off and installation of shingles. I chose Dynico not only because they listened to my needs but they also hold a high standard with Owens Corning and the BBB. The team lead was great, he followed up to make sure everything was to my liking. At the end of the day the new roof was on and the yard was cleaned up like before they started. I highly recommend their services and would use them again.
Jill Luesing
Jill Luesing
April 22, 2021.
I called Dynico Roofing after noticing my furnace pipe and storm collar were detaching from my roof. Dynico was able to come the very same day and address the problem (before the rain came that night) for a reasonable price and provided top-notch service and work for even a small job. I am happy to have found this roofing company and will definitely call them again with any roofing concerns or work.
Chad Cesarone
Chad Cesarone
December 9, 2020.
Corky and his team were able to get out to my house in a very timely fashion due to a hole that I had in my roof. I sent him some pictures and he gave me a good estimate over the phone. When his professional team arrived to my house the next day, they noticed that the damage to my roof was much worse than expected. He had to allocate more time(labor) and materials to the job, but he did his best to keep the cost only so that his cost was taken care of, and did not take advantage of the situation. I thought that was quite admirable. When it is time for me to get my roof replaced, I will make sure I use Dynico Roofing.
Cindy Zeinz
Cindy Zeinz
October 28, 2020.
I read many recommendations for Dynico and after dealing with a couple other roofers and having issues, it was great to have Dynico help solve my roof issue. The former home owner installed flagstone on the chimney which was too much , and caused the roof to leak. Dynico was able to come and remove it, replace with siding and reroof house and put in new gutters . I was able to text with any questions and was given answers quickly. They did a great job and it all looks fantastic ! They were on time and got the job done in the amount of time quoted and cleaned everything up well. I was highly satisfied and would recommend you give them a call if you are in need of these services !!
Michele Tjaden
Michele Tjaden
August 22, 2020.
Working with Dynico was a great experience in every way. Corky was friendly, informative and responded immediately to any questions. The work crew arrived promptly at 7 in morning, worked hard all day, and cleaned up each night before leaving. Chris the "gutter guy" was also fantastic. He even checked with me to see if I needed to let my dogs out to exercise before he started on the gutters on the back of the house. I am quite happy with this company and highly recommend them.
August 8, 2020.
Excellent company, very professional, arrived on time and completed the inspection within the time frame that we needed it done, would highly recommend, very satisfied.

Ask Us About Our Financing

Roofs are your first line of defense against the elements. They will suffer damage from snow, hail, wind and many of the other weapons that Mother Nature has in her arsenal. Due to her unpredictability and the costs that can be associated with a new roof or roof repair, we offer something unique in the roofing industry – financing plans. These plans are available at little to no cost and the approval process takes less time than it does to decide on the color of your shingles. It is all done with an excellent application with no paperwork to file. In five minutes you can have a plan such as our 18 Months, Zero Interest plan with NO Monthly Payments-Same as Cash. When you are speaking to one of our roofing professionals, ask about the many financing options available for you and your family.

Dynico FAQs

Finding the best roofing company near me doesn’t have to be difficult. To start, look for companies that are professional and certified. They should be licensed, bonded, and insured according to state regulations. Additionally, they should employ experienced craftsmen who have received proper training in the industry or specialized certification from a reputable organization like NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association).

With regard to reputation, read customer reviews online and check out what past customers are saying about the particular contractor’s work quality and customer service. It is also important that potential contractors provide a detailed estimate of services rendered along with an itemized breakdown of materials used before any work begins on-site so you know exactly what you’re getting into before signing an agreement.

Finally, make sure they offer a warranty on their labor – this will ensure your roof is covered if anything goes wrong after installation. If a contractor can provide all of these components then they’re likely one of the best roofers in your area!

Thank you to JBL Roofing for sharing how to find the best roofing companies with us!

There are a variety of materials that can be used for roofs, from traditional materials like asphalt shingles, wooden shakes and tiles to modern composite materials like stainless steel and rubber. Asphalt shingles are the most common material used, due to their affordability and durability. They come in many colors and styles to suit different tastes and budgets. Wooden shakes offer a classic look but require more maintenance than shingles. Tile is another popular option as it’s more fire-resistant than other roofing materials but requires frequent repairs due to its susceptibility to cracking or breakage.

Special thanks to our friends at Roofing Services Now, a roofer in San Antonio for sharing this with us!

Getting your roof professionally cleaned is an important step in ensuring that your home is well-maintained and safe from potential damage. Professional cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable about the best techniques for safely and effectively cleaning roofs, making them a better option than attempting to do it yourself.

Professional roof cleaning can help prevent damage caused by excess moisture, such as algae growth or moss building up on the surface of the shingles. This can not only weaken the material but also allow water to penetrate beneath them, leading to leaks or other structural problems inside your home. Regular professional cleanings will save you money in repair costs by preventing these issues in advance.

It is highly recommended that you get your roof inspected by a professional at least once every two years. This will not only help ensure your roof stays in good condition and is properly performing its job of protecting your home, but also can save you money. A professional roof inspector can detect minor problems with your roof before they become major issues that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Depending on the age and condition of your existing roof, an inspector may recommend more frequent inspections to be safe. If necessary, they will also make recommendations on how to protect or maintain it better.

This information was provided by Fine Design Builders! You can check them out here:

Metal roofing has become an increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial applications due to its many advantages over traditional materials. Here are some of the primary benefits of metal roofing:

Durability: Metal roofs are extremely durable, withstanding extreme weather conditions like high winds, hailstorms, and wildfires. In fact, they can last up to 50 years or more without needing replacement. This is because metal roofing is resistant to water damage as well as corrosion and rust.

Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them like asphalt shingle roofs do, which can reduce your cooling costs in warm months by up to 25%. The material also acts as a thermal barrier that keeps heat from transferring out during winter months — helping you save on heating bills too!

Cost-Effective: Despite their longevity and energy-efficiency gains, metal roofs often remain competitively priced with other materials when considering total cost over time. Though installing a new metal roof may be initially more expensive than reroofing with shingles or another cheaper material, reduced repair costs due to its durability typically offset this initial difference in price across its lifespan.

Big thanks to ResCo Roofing for sharing this vital information with us!

Roof inspections are an incredibly important part of home maintenance, as they can help identify potential issues in your roofing structure before they become major – and expensive – problems.

The importance of a roof inspection cannot be overstated. A thorough inspection has the ability to detect damage caused by weathering, age or construction flaws which can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. From ensuring shingles are in good condition to checking sealants hold up against moisture, a qualified inspector will evaluate all components that make up your roof’s structure.

When it comes to replacing a roof, the best time to do so is when you notice signs that your current roof is failing. Common signs that indicate it’s time for a roof replacement include shingles curling or buckling, visible damage from storms or high winds, interior water leakage or staining on walls and ceilings, excessive moss and algae buildup, exposed nails due to rotting wood in the sheathing below, cracks forming in chimney seals (a telltale sign of old flashing), and other structural weaknesses. This answer was provided by Action Roofing!  

Preventing roof leaks is an important task for homeowners to undertake. While a leaky roof may seem like a simple issue, it can lead to costly repairs if not addressed quickly and correctly. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take in order to prevent roof leaks.

First of all, regularly inspect your roof for signs of aging or damage, including missing shingles or tiles, curling edges, broken seams or nails, and/or cracked caulk around vents and other fixtures on the rooftop. Make necessary repairs as soon as possible – this could include replacing damaged shingles or using silicone sealant around vent pipes. Additionally, make sure your gutters are clean and free flowing; clogged gutters will cause water to pool on the roof which can then seep into your home.

You should also ensure that any trees hanging over the house have their branches trimmed away from the edge of the roof; their leaves may block up gutters and create barriers for water runoff during storms which can eventually result in leaking roofs. Finally, check with local building codes regarding regulations related to flashing installation – these pieces often go unnoticed but play an essential role in keeping moisture out by sealing gaps between different components of your rooftop (e.g., between chimneys & shingles). All in all, preventing a leaky roof is essential for maintaining both safety within the home as well as preserving its value throughout time; following these steps will help you avoid expensive repair costs down the road! This valuable information was provided by Ketchum Roofing!

Tile roof repair can be necessary for a variety of reasons, from damage due to extreme weather conditions or age-related decay to windborne debris or even improper installation. Here are some of the most common issues that require tile roof repair:

1) Cracked or Broken Tiles: Cracks in the tiles are usually the result of wear and tear due to aging, since older tiles may become brittle over time. These cracks can allow water and moisture into your roof, which could cause further damage if not addressed promptly.

2) Damaged Flashing: The flashing around chimneys, gutters, and skylights can be prone to damage due to ice buildup during winter months or significant rainfall. This type of damage can lead to serious leakage issues if not repaired quickly.

3) Missing Tiles: Tile roofs are naturally heavy; therefore missing tiles will leave large gaps in your roof which will need replacing before it begins leaking. In addition, missing tiles also make it easier for wind gusts or storms to penetrate your roofing system causing potential further damage if not addressed quickly by professionals who understand how tile roofs work together as a whole system rather than as individual components.

4) Clogged Gutters: Overflowing gutters pose a particular problem with tile roofs because they raise the risk of water seeping beneath certain parts of your roofing structure and causing damages such as rot and mold growth that will need attending by experienced professionals who know how best to tackle this issue safely while protecting the integrity of both your home’s exterior surface and its internal structure simultaneously without detrimentally affecting either one adversely.

5) Moss Growth: Moss on tile roofs is often seen as aesthetically pleasing; however moss is incredibly bad for your tiling system because when wet (which most often is), it becomes very heavy thus putting strain on already weakened structures and thereby requiring repairing sooner than later in order maintain its condition over time through proper maintenance routines; this should involve setting out detailed schedules against which specialists aiming at ensuring long-lasting upkeep should adhere faithfully according to industry standards applicable locally within any given geographical area – depending upon prevailing climatic conditions therein.

Slate roof repair is an important task to ensure your roof’s longevity and safety. Before beginning the repair process, it’s important to understand what makes up a slate roof and how it works. A slate roof consists of individual slates that overlap each other to form a tightly sealed surface. The overlapping nature of the slates is essential for preventing water from entering into the attic space below.

The best way to repair a slate roof starts with assessing the condition of existing shingles and surrounding flashing around any areas of concern such as chimneys, skylights, or valleys. If you have flat or shallow-pitched roofs then you may be able to make repairs yourself using new materials like bitumen-based adhesives, at least on small patches where damage isn’t too severe. 

When making repairs on steeper pitched roofs, professional help may be needed in order to ensure the proper technique is employed when setting replacement tiles in place safely and securely without potential danger from falling off when someone stands on them due to the steep angle of installation at hand. It will also be necessary in some cases for more specialized tools and skills which will only come with hiring experienced professionals familiar with this type of repair work. 

Replacing completely damaged sheets or sections should always be left to experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing since they will possess all necessary tools, equipment, knowledge base, and experience when dealing with replacing an entire section or sheet as opposed to just repairing one simple tile here and there in targeted areas as was described above by way self-repairs can feasibly take place under specific circumstances (flat/shallow pitched roofs).

Huge thank you to Best Roofing Now LLC for providing us with this information!

Prevention is always preferable to a cure when it comes to roof leaks, and there are several steps you can take to make sure your roof stays leak-free. First, be proactive about maintenance and inspect your roof regularly for signs of wear and tear. Make sure that all flashing, shingles, tiles, gutters – in short any part of the external structure exposed to the elements – are in good condition. Small problems can quickly escalate into larger ones if left unattended.

Secondly, a good way to protect your roof from potential water damage is by installing an ice shield or an underlayment directly onto the decking beneath the shingles or tiles; this will keep water out even if they do get damaged somehow. Additionally, you can use waterproof coatings or other protective membranes over vulnerable areas of your roof like valleys that might be particularly prone to leaking due to their shape.

Thirdly, make sure you assess every possible risk factor before getting up on the rooftop yourself; doing repairs without proper safety equipment (like harnesses) puts not only yourself but anyone who might inhabit the building at risk later down the line should another leak occur due to poor installation or construction methods used by unqualified personnel! Lastly, hire experienced professionals for major repairs as small errors may cause significant damage down road themselves!

The average cost of emergency roof repair can vary greatly depending on the nature of the damage. If there is a small hole or minor damage that requires only patchwork, this will likely be done very quickly and could come in at anywhere from $100 to $500. For more extensive damage, such as water leaks caused by missing shingles or an entire section that needs to be replaced, it can range from just over $1,000 up to around $5,000 – with large projects costing even more. 

An accurate estimate of the total cost will depend on what extent of repair work is required and the type/condition of your roof prior to any maintenance being carried out. It’s important to bear in mind that when dealing with an emergency situation such as this, urgency comes into play and so you’ll need to factor in additional costs for materials and labor that may not otherwise have been necessary had you attended to it earlier.

Regardless of budget considerations though, repairing any kind of roofing problem should always take precedence; leaving damaged roofs unattended can cause long-term structural issues which could end up costing significantly more than a basic patchwork job would have initially done! Make sure you call a professional who specializes in roof repairs–they’ll know exactly what solutions are best suited for your individual case. This information was provided by Chattanooga Roofing!

While some simple cleaning and inspection tasks related to roof maintenance can be done by homeowners, it is generally not advised for individuals to conduct their own roof maintenance. This caution is primarily due to concerns about safety, potential damage, and the intricacy of the work involved. Working on a roof can be dangerous without the proper training and equipment, particularly if the roof is steep or slippery.

Moreover, professional roofing contractors are trained to spot issues that a layperson may miss. These could include small cracks, loose shingles, or early signs of damage that, if left unchecked, could lead to significant problems in the future. Additionally, professionals have access to high-quality materials at lower cost, which can make the repair more durable and cost-effective in the long run.

In conclusion, while minor tasks such as gutter cleaning or removing debris can be carried out by homeowners, it’s best to hire professionals for more extensive maintenance and inspections. This ensures both the longevity of your roof and your personal safety.

Finding reliable roofing contractors in your vicinity can be achieved in several ways. A local search on the internet is a good starting point. Websites like Google and Yelp allow you to narrow down your search to your specific location and also provide customer reviews. These reviews can give you insights into the experiences of past customers and the quality of the contractor’s work.

Another effective method is to ask for recommendations from people you trust, such as friends, family, or neighbors. They can share their personal experiences and perhaps even show you the quality of the work done in their own homes. Additionally, local hardware stores often have relationships with contractors and might be able to recommend someone as well.

Once you’ve found potential contractors, verify their credentials. Make sure they are licensed and insured, and don’t hesitate to ask for references or samples of their past work. Remember, it’s always wise to get multiple quotes before making a final decision. Thanks to Pally Roofing for providing us with this answer!

Hiring a local roofing company has several advantages compared to a national one. First, local companies understand the unique needs of their area and can provide tailored services that meet the specific requirements of your project. Local companies also typically have more experience dealing with local climate conditions, ensuring that your roof is properly installed and maintained for years to come.

Additionally, working with a local company allows customers to develop meaningful relationships with business owners who are accessible if any issues arise during or after the job. This provides peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong you can easily contact the right person to handle it in a timely manner. On top of this, hiring a professional local roofing company gives you unparalleled access to skilled personnel who have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to residential or commercial installations. Big thank you to Colorado Roofing for sharing this information with us!

The frequency for getting your roof repaired greatly depends on various factors such as the type of roofing materials used, climate conditions where you live, and how well you have maintained your roof over time. But one thing is certain; delaying necessary repairs can lead to more serious and costly problems down the line.

Investing in timely repairs before bigger problems occur will undoubtedly save you money; but most importantly protect yourself from serious safety risks posed by a faulty roof structure that may put both yourself and loved ones at risk.

It’s worth noting that even without evident signs of damage; roofs need regular maintenance every few years depending on their age and type: asphalt shingles last 20-30 years while metal roofing lasts up to 50 years! Moreover, living in areas with extreme hot summers followed by frigid winters also affect how frequently repairs are needed.

A gable roof is a popular architectural style for roofs, recognized by its triangular shape. This design is characterized by two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, creating the appearance of a peak. The sides are identical in size and shape, and when they meet at the top, they form what is known as the “gable”, which is the triangular portion of the wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches.

Gable roofs are not only visually appealing but also functional. They effectively shed water and snow, provide more space for the attic or interior vaulted ceilings, and allow for more ventilation compared to other roof types. Their relatively simple design makes them easier to construct and generally more cost-effective than more complex designs.

The best time of year to have a new roof installed can depend on several factors, but generally, late spring through early fall tends to be the most ideal period. During these months, weather conditions are often more predictable and milder, which can make the installation process smoother and quicker. Warmer temperatures are beneficial for certain roofing materials like asphalt shingles, which need time to seal effectively and provide the best protection against the elements.

However, it’s important to note that professional roofing contractors are equipped to install roofs year-round, and any minor complications due to weather can usually be managed. The key is to plan ahead and schedule your roofing project during periods of typically lower precipitation in your region. Regardless of the season, always ensure that your chosen contractor is reputable, experienced, and prepared to handle any weather-related challenges that may arise.

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