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Homeowners in the Chicagoland area are typically paying higher heating and cooling bills than they should be. A recent report recently was quoted in saying that more than 90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated. We help ensure your home is energy efficient by adding attic insulation and sealing any possible air leaks for your home or business. 

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Having proper insulation levels in the attic is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce your energy loss in the Chicagoland area — And it will help you save money!!! Your air distribution (HVAC) system conditions air and a well-insulated and sealed attic helps keeping it from leaking out. Make the most out of your investment by having Dynico Roofing conveniently re-insulate your attic at the same time you do any air distribution work.

Help Protect Your Largest Investment

It takes a complete system – including proper ventilation, air distribution and insulation products to maximize your home performance. With a properly insulated and ventilated home, you’ll be able to manage and mitigate excess heat and humidity more effectively and help extend the life of your home.

Dynico Roofing had been known for quality in the McHenry County and Northern Chicagoland area for decades now. We use the absolute best products involved for any attic insulation product. The Owens Corning ProCat System helps keep your home safe from mold and pests, to fire and smoke spread in the case of a fire.

With the system from Dynico Roofing and Owens Corning, you’ll experience advanced thermal performance — meaning that you’ll have more consistent temperatures room to room – and a more comfortable and quite home. Our system includes air sealing solutions to help fight wind wash and energy loss at the eaves, reducing the chance of ice damming and potential roof damage.

While we know at Dynico Roofing that we are here to solve any roofing, siding or window issues you might be experiencing, attic insulation services are one of the best preventative maintenance opportunities you can do for your home so you won’t need us!

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Roofs are your first line of defense against the elements. They will suffer damage from snow, hail, wind and many of the other weapons that Mother Nature has in her arsenal. Due to her unpredictability and the costs that can be associated with a new roof or roof repair, we offer something unique in the roofing industry – financing plans. These plans are available at little to no cost and the approval process takes less time than it does to decide on the color of your shingles. It is all done with an excellent application with no paperwork to file. In five minutes you can have a plan such as our 18 Months, Zero Interest plan with NO Monthly Payments-Same as Cash. When you are speaking to one of our roofing professionals, ask about the many financing options available for you and your family.

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