Storm Damage

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James Nierman
James Nierman
June 21, 2021.
Had a roof leak by the chimney and Dynico was always recommended so I gave them a call. They fixed the leak quickly and for much less than I was figuring. Like many of their customers, I highly recommend them.
raeesa mahmood
raeesa mahmood
June 14, 2021.
Corky was very thorough on explaining the process. Was patient witg us while we made our decision on the best color. Answered any and all questions we had. Ron and his team did a great job. Ron kept me informed of any issues or concerns, included me in all decisions before executing. Everyone was very nice, efficient and the roof looks amazing! We are very happy!
Timothy Butler
Timothy Butler
June 3, 2021.
We had our 30 year-old roof replaced. We chose Dynico based on a neighbors recommendation. Very professional and responsive. Ron, the foreman, listened to our needs of removing the old satellite dishes as well as the un-used water heater vent (we now use a tank less water heater and the old vent was an eye-sore). The Dynico team went above and beyond, even making some improvements to the flashing which the original contractor screwed up on. Here’s hoping it’s another 30 years before we need another roof. But we would use Dynico again.
Ralph Schanau
Ralph Schanau
May 28, 2021.
We recently had Dynico complete a new roof and gutter system for our home. The team did an impeccable job. They worked very efficiently doing the tear off and installation of shingles. I chose Dynico not only because they listened to my needs but they also hold a high standard with Owens Corning and the BBB. The team lead was great, he followed up to make sure everything was to my liking. At the end of the day the new roof was on and the yard was cleaned up like before they started. I highly recommend their services and would use them again.
Jill Luesing
Jill Luesing
April 22, 2021.
I called Dynico Roofing after noticing my furnace pipe and storm collar were detaching from my roof. Dynico was able to come the very same day and address the problem (before the rain came that night) for a reasonable price and provided top-notch service and work for even a small job. I am happy to have found this roofing company and will definitely call them again with any roofing concerns or work.
Chad Cesarone
Chad Cesarone
December 9, 2020.
Corky and his team were able to get out to my house in a very timely fashion due to a hole that I had in my roof. I sent him some pictures and he gave me a good estimate over the phone. When his professional team arrived to my house the next day, they noticed that the damage to my roof was much worse than expected. He had to allocate more time(labor) and materials to the job, but he did his best to keep the cost only so that his cost was taken care of, and did not take advantage of the situation. I thought that was quite admirable. When it is time for me to get my roof replaced, I will make sure I use Dynico Roofing.
Cindy Zeinz
Cindy Zeinz
October 28, 2020.
I read many recommendations for Dynico and after dealing with a couple other roofers and having issues, it was great to have Dynico help solve my roof issue. The former home owner installed flagstone on the chimney which was too much , and caused the roof to leak. Dynico was able to come and remove it, replace with siding and reroof house and put in new gutters . I was able to text with any questions and was given answers quickly. They did a great job and it all looks fantastic ! They were on time and got the job done in the amount of time quoted and cleaned everything up well. I was highly satisfied and would recommend you give them a call if you are in need of these services !!
Michele Tjaden
Michele Tjaden
August 22, 2020.
Working with Dynico was a great experience in every way. Corky was friendly, informative and responded immediately to any questions. The work crew arrived promptly at 7 in morning, worked hard all day, and cleaned up each night before leaving. Chris the "gutter guy" was also fantastic. He even checked with me to see if I needed to let my dogs out to exercise before he started on the gutters on the back of the house. I am quite happy with this company and highly recommend them.
August 8, 2020.
Excellent company, very professional, arrived on time and completed the inspection within the time frame that we needed it done, would highly recommend, very satisfied.

When A Storm Strikes

It’s Time to Call In the Professionals

Storms can cause many problems for an asphalt roof for your Northern Illinois home. It accelerates granule loss and shingle aging. It may void a manufacturers warranty and can lead to many other associated problems. This doesn’t mean that you will have to get your roof replaced immediately; however the nature of storm damage is that it may or may not pose an immediate threat to the structural integrity of your roof. Many insurance companies have a “statute of limitations” of how long a storm claim might be viable for homeowners in Northern Illinois. If you have experienced a loss such as with storm damage, it is important to take care of the problem in a timely manner before it leads to other associated problems.

If you have experienced Storm Damage in Northern Illinois, don’t wait to call for an inspection. Protect the largest investment you have. At Dynico Roofing we treat every project we take on as if we are doing the work for a friend or neighbor; paying special attention to the details, putting in an extra effort, and using the best materials available. Because everybody at Dynico Roofing actually is a neighbor! Our teams live and work right here in the Northern Illinois area, providing the area with high quality roofing services. Protecting your home and family is our only job.

What Does Storm Damage Do To Your Roof?

Our goal is to make sure your roof is doing the job it was intended to do — keeping your family and your home safe and protected from the Midwest weather. Sometimes that requires a simple repair or partial replacement due to storm damage. Other roofs require complete replacement. Either way, you can count on us to do the job right, at an affordable cost.

Dynico Roofing has expertise in the installation and repair of all roof types, including:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Membrane (rubber) Roofs
  • Wood Shingles/Shakes
  • Composite Roofing

If there are any discrepancies between the adjuster’s findings and the roofer’s findings you may call for a “RE-INSPECTION” where your adjuster meets with the roofer to go over the roof together. Re-inspections are very common. The insurance company must determine two things when assessing the amount of your loss:

  1. Was there sufficient damage to the roof to declare it a total loss? (Usually determined by 10 verified hail hits per 100 square feet.)
  2. What is the size of the roof and how many shingles will be needed to replace the roof?

If you believe that you have storm damage you need to contact Dynico Roofing as well as your insurance company and ask for an adjuster to come inspect your roof for possible storm damage repair. 

Local Storm Damage Experts

ACTUALLY LOCAL Storm Damage Experts - Not Storm Chasers

At Dynico Roofing we understand how incredibly important your roof is to your home and our skilled roofing professionals are here to help homeowners in Northern Illinois in an emergency situation and for the maintenance that every roof needs. Storm Damage, Wind Damage, Hail Damage and Flood damage don’t’ wait for normal business hours to impact your home. Storm Damage in Northern Illinois happens quite frequently. Missing shingles can lead to water leaking into your roof or even your home and causing major damage. If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, our licensed and bonded roofing professionals will come to your home to offer a thorough and detailed inspection. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home in Northern Illinois, and your family – stay safe. Call us Today for any Storm Damage Northern Illinois needs at 815-385-2102

Dynico Roofing was founded by professionals to honor and protect the roofing trade. Many of these professionals were apprentices to their grandfathers/fathers/brothers for over 30 years, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of roofing. Our skilled tradesmen have taken multiple courses on the subject of roofing, to maintain their knowledge and skills and to stay up to date with current trends and technology in the roofing industry. We look forward to helping you with any Storm Damage you might have had in Northern Illinois WI. Call us Today for any Storm Damage Northern Illinois needs at 815-385-2102


If your roof is in need of work, then consider using your insurance to cover the cost. Here are the steps to repair your roof using your insurance. We are the LOCAL Roofing Company in Northern Illinois.

Roof Inspections

Call Dynico Roofing Inspector to assess if there are roof damages and how extensive.

Insurance Repair Estimate

An Insurance adjustor will inspect the roof to provide an estimate to repair or replacement the roof.

Claim Your Roofing Insurance

Contact your insurance company and file a claim for roof repair or roof replacement.

Dynico Begins Roof Repair or Replacement

Dynico will begin roof repairs or replacements.

Ask Us About Our Financing Options If Necessary For Storm Damage Repair

Roofs are your first line of defense against the elements. They will suffer damage from snow, hail, wind, storm or any of the other weapons that Mother Nature has in her arsenal. Due to her unpredictability and the costs that can be associated with a new roof or roof repair, we offer something unique in the roofing industry – financing plans. These plans are available at little to no cost and the approval process takes less time than it does to decide on the color of your shingles. It is all done with an excellent application with no paperwork to file. In five minutes you can have a plan such as our 18 Months, Zero Interest plan with NO Monthly Payments-Same as Cash. When you are speaking to one of our roofing professionals, ask about the many financing options available for you and your family.

Roofing Contractor
Approximately 2,500 Square Feet

Estimated price:  $7,499

Gable Roof Installation
Approximately 3,500 Square Feet

Estimated price:  $10,499

Roofing Companies
Approximately 4,500 Square Feet

Estimated price:  $13,499

Payment Plans

Fund your Storm Damage Repair Project

We Have Options To Help If You're In Need...
We have partnered with the best so you can take advantage of 0% interest plans with no downpayment options.
Repairs & Replacements as low as


Per month

Because you deserve the best

We Are The Best Roof Repair & Installation Company In The Industry. We Will Help You In Your Time Of Need. Guaranteed.

At Dynico Roofing we understand how incredibly important your roof is to your home and our skilled roofing professionals are here to help you in an emergency situation and for the maintenance that every roof needs.
That's how confident we are of our roofing installations For Storm Damage Repair In Northern Illinois.